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Your things start new lives.

The items you donate at Goodwill not only get a second chance on our sales floor. Your donations also help create second chances and life-changing opportunities for the people we serve. People like Chris, Nina, Rod and Corinne who received training, education and job opportunities through Easterseals-Goodwill.

Meet Chris

Chris was wrestling with issues that were holding him back from becoming employed. With some support and training, Chris not only landed a job, he did so well that he was promoted twice within the first six months.

Meet Rod

Rod persevered through significant health challenges to create a new career and life. 

Meet Nina

After struggling for years with an addiction that cost her nearly everything, Nina has come back strong, cheered on by her Goodwill store manager. She’s reclaimed her life, reunited her family, and is building a solid career at our Billings Goodwill store.

Meet Corinne

Our senior employment services program (SCSEP) gave Corinne the updated computer and office skills she needed to find a part-time job that fits her income and flexibility needs.

With over 20 retail locations in Montana, Utah and southern Idaho, shopping and donating at our Goodwill stores support people with economic, developmental and other challenges, so they can overcome barriers to economic and personal independence. 

The stories above represent just a few of the many lives impacted by your support. To read more about people whose lives you’ve helped change, check out these inspiring stories: Helen, Porter, Rodney and Asaph.

Discover how your donations lead
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