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Employee FAQs

All paystubs and benefit information can be viewed in UKG Pro (HR/Payroll System).

Update your address in UKG Pro (HR/Payroll System) under Name, Address, and Telephone. Be sure your address is current at all times, especially before the end of year to ensure you receive your W-2 form. Addresses must always be current in the event that paychecks would have to be mailed.

An updated copy of the individual’s social security card should be sent to People Services at people@esgw.org.

Tax withholdings can be changed or updated in UKG Pro (HR/Payroll System).

W-2s are mailed out by February 1st.

Call HR Connections (406) 771-2803 for problems related to the work environment, call Go Tell Edgar (877) 945-7853 or fill out this form for possible illegal practices or unethical behavior.

Work-related injuries should be reported within 24 hours to ESGW’s Injury Reporting Hotline (406) 268-2182. A representative from the safety department will return your call.

Individuals in need of verification of would should submit request to People Services at people@esgw.org.

Individuals requesting a reasonable accommodation should contact their manager or People Services at people@esgw.org.

If you have a “life event,” you can change benefits within 30 days of the life event. Life events include birth of a baby, adoption of a child, divorce, marriage and spouse benefit change. Otherwise, changes are unable to be made until Open Enrollment period (each November) to make any changes. If you have a life event, contact People Services at  people@esgw.org.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers support for emotional well-being, healthy lifestyle, family and relationships, work and life transitions and legal and financial support. For a confidential consultation, please visit mutualofomaha.com/eap or call (800) 316-2796.

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