Wiggly Worm Sensory Processing

Our trained staff in Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah offer a special 8-week class series for parents and their child with sensory processing issues. The Wiggly Worm class series is geared toward children preschool through age six and

  • Provides a better understanding of each sensory area,
  • Teaches how to recognize sensory processing issues in your child,
  • Teaches how to respond more effectively and make your child’s world and your home happier and more peaceful.

Each class builds upon skills learned the previous week, so attending all sessions is very important. At the end of the classes parents will come away with a personalized sensory program that supports their child’s ability to focus and learn. For more information please call 385-290-7685 or email janetw@esgw.org.

Click here for full printable flyer.

Lego® Social Skills Group

This is an 8 class series offered during the summer months for children in grades 1 and up with social communication disorders, such as children on the autism spectrum.  Under the directions of our trained staff, children work in pairs and small groups to assemble Lego® building projects. By designing assignments around participants’ shared interest in Lego® building, the classes offer a fun setting in which students can

  • Build fine motor, visual motor and other basic skills,
  • Improve self monitoring, self control and compliance with routines and adult direction,
  • Practice social rules – turn-taking, sharing, and eye contact,
  • Learn how to work together and problem solve to meet a shared goal.

For more information please call 385-290-7685 or email janetw@esgw.org.

Learning Together

This is a 4-week course session led by Occupational Therapist Devon Gere OTR/L. LEARNING TOGETHER is a customizable, small group program that addresses an array of daily living skills. We will match your family with 1-2 other families with similar concerns to provide individualized support and strategies, along with the benefit of peer interactions.  We’ll address concerns such as handwriting, sensory processing, coordination, picky Eating, school success, self-care tasks and social skills.

For more information please call 385-290-7685 or email janetw@esgw.org.  (We ask that you call before registering to ensure we enroll your child in the group that will best fit his or her needs.)

Mealtime Misery – Make Meals More Fun

We’re offering this 6-week feeding group to help families and preschool age children increase tolerance and acceptance of a wider variety of foods. Combining sensory strategies, oral motor skill growth and fun, this class is designed to make food exploration and meals an enjoyable experience for everyone at the table.

For more information please call 385-290-7685 or email janetw@esgw.org.

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