Our Services

Our hospice services in Butte and Great Falls, Montana, offer quality, compassionate end-of-life health- care, that emphasizes comfort, dignity and quality of life. We care for patients in their home, wherever they currently live. This includes assisted living centers, nursing facilities and group homes.

Highlands Hospice in Butte and Medallion Hospice in Great Falls are both dedicated to providing the highest level of medical, emotional, spiritual and practical care for people living with a terminal illness. Our hospice staff works with the physician, patient and family to set up an individualized plan of care which honors the patient’s goals, values and wishes. Our nursing staff is available for support and assistance to 24/7. 

Hospice Eligibility

Patients are typically eligible for hospice once it’s determined that life expectancy is limited, and they choose to control their symptoms without the expectation of prolonging life.

Payment and Insurance

Hospice care is covered by most insurers, including Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers. Private pay options are also available. Please contact our admission staff  and we can help evaluate your coverage. As a nonprofit, it is our policy to never refuse service to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

Volunteer Opportunities

Both Highlands Hospice in Butte and Medallion Hospice in Great Falls offer volunteer opportunities for those interested in working with patients or helping in the office. If you would like to learn more about becoming a volunteer, we invite you to call either of our locations.

Bereavement Services

Hospice staff will continue to offer support to surviving loved ones, including helpful reading materials and basic counseling services, for up to 13 months after hospice care ends. Healthy grieving helps everyone heal after a difficult loss. In addition to individual support and resource materials, Highlands Hospice in Butte also offers a bereavement support group that open to everyone in the community.  Contact our Butte office for more information.

Threshold Singing

We are honored to offer this comforting, quieting experience to our patients and to anyone in the community facing a difficult a healthcare threshold—a time when peace, courage and clarity are needed.

The Butte Montana Threshold Singers is a chapter of Threshold Choir International and is comprised of Highlands Hospice volunteers. At your request, three or four trained Threshold singers from our group will arrive quietly at your bedside and offer soft, harmonious, meditative original music with no instrumental accompaniment.

Threshold songs have no agenda—religious or otherwise—except to give comfort. Many who experience Threshold singing say they can feel the music change the atmosphere in a room. (For a video demonstration please visit www.thresholdchoir.org.)

Our experiences in health care often coincide with some of the most difficult days of our lives. If you’ve had difficult news, a change in condition, heavy choices to make, or any need for a calming influence, the Butte Montana Threshold Singers would be honored to offer you peace through the gift of song. 

If you would like to request our Threshold singers, please contact Highlands Hospice in Butte.

Equipment Lending Program (Butte)

As part of our service mission, Highlands Hospice in Butte maintains a supply of basic medical equipment which we lend at no charge to anyone in need in the community.  Depending on availability, items may include wheelchairs, walkers, bath chairs, shower benches, commodes, toilet risers, canes and crutches. You can call our office for more information.

As a non-profit community-based hospice, our first priority is always caring for our patients.

We’ve been offering quality hospice care for or nearly 40 years to Butte area families.

Location Information

Highlands Hospice – Butte, MT

Medallion Hospice – Great Falls, MT

Easterseals-Goodwill Highlands Hospice and Medallion Hospice are accountable to several oversight agencies. They include the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which administers the Medicare program, and the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS), which administers the Medicaid program in Montana on behalf of CMS. The Community Services Bureau of DPHHS’s Senior and Long Term Care Division provides specific oversight of Medallion Hospice, which holds DPPHS Health Care Facility/Service License No. 11541.